SheMax - is a professional hood for manicure.

The story of the birth of a new Ukrainian brand began on May 1, 2018, when we (Sergey Shelest and Tatyana Skornyakova) opened our own production of hoods in the city of Dnepr for masters of the beauty industry. Approached the creation of hoods very seriously. Our first models were: the desktop round hood “Sphere” and the classic square hood “Classic Mini” with a bag. The appearance of the hoods was made on the personal form and our personal design. There were no similar extracts at that time in appearance, no one in the world.

Two months after the start, we successfully sold over a thousand hoods not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The range was replenished with an exhaust hood and a pedicure stand, as well as a built-in hood in the table. Communicating personally with the masters, we heard real feedback and suggestions about the product. So it was decided to move on and offer the masters model hood with a filter.

In July, the release of our premium hood with a filter, followed by a mortise hood in the table with the filter. After a couple of weeks it was clear that our development will be a great success. So it happened. New hoods got to Europe, where they were highly appreciated by the masters working abroad.

Dust collector SheMax have certificates confirming high quality products. Much attention is paid to the production of parts. High-quality components and any savings make the hood more expensive. But it is guaranteed a powerful and impeccable quality.

2019 our bestseller comes out - the Style PRO table hood in a metal case for two motors. All the best is collected in this model. The design is made in a minimalistic style, very beautiful and practical to work with. In the same year we are testing a new type of sales by presenting - a limited edition V-PO (vacuum cleaner for installation in a table). Only 500 of such models were produced.

Having offered beauty masters the best models of manicure vacuum cleaners, we started to develop new products. In 2020, after analyzing the market, we realized that we wanted to take care of the health of the entire beauty salon and proposed a bactericidal air recirculator that safely disinfects viruses indoors in the presence of people.

A completely new product for the whole world - a hood for lashmaker (masters of working with eyelashes). It was SheMax who was the first to invent this product. The purpose of this product is to capture the toxic smell of the glue and clean it with a special filter. So the master will not hear a harmful smell and will not be sick with allergies.

At the strategic session for executives and top managers, it was decided to create a new visual identity. The new logo is based on a triangle, which symbolizes the three pillars of our factory: quality, design and innovation. The triangle symbolizes straight sides, none of them can be less or more. So is our approach to quality, design and innovation. Now we have become a factory for the production of electrical goods for beauty salons, aimed at maintaining the health and safety of beauty masters.

"SheMax -  Excellence in details"

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