Terms of warranty service:

  • Warranty service is performed only if the warranty warranty card is filled out correctly, in which are indicated: product model, date of sale, warranty service period, seller's signature;
  • Warranty 1 year, after-sales service of the product is made for a fee, according to the prices for the services of the service center;
  • Claims to the performance of the hood are considered in the presence of a complete product;
  • Return delivery of goods at the expense of the buyer

The manufacturer does not bear warranty obligations and does not provide free service for the product in the following cases:

  • In the presence of traces of extraneous interference, an attempt to self-repair or its individual components;
  • In the presence of damage associated with ingestion of foreign objects inside the fan, liquid;
  • In case of defects that have arisen as a result of transportation, except for cases when the transportation is carried out by an authorized representative of the service center;
  • In the presence of damage caused by natural (natural) disasters (rain, wind, lightning, etc.) fire, domestic factors (high humidity, dust, aggressive environment, etc.);
  • In case of failure of the device if the power supply parameters do not match;
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