NEW range hood - Style PRO

We announce the start of pre-sales of a new model of hoods


You can get acquainted with the characteristics of the new hood model at the link -

The main feature of SheMax Style PRO Dust collector is the presence of TWO motors, instead of one, as in other existing hoods. SheMax was the first on the market to offer and realize the idea with power amplification, by installing two centrifugal motors. Due to this, the saw grip area is evenly distributed around the entire perimeter. For comparison - in hoods with one motor, the dust capture area works directly only on the motor, and this is for a frequent circle with a diameter of only 15 cm. In the new model, absolutely the entire area measuring 45x75 cm works, evenly attracting dust.

An additional feature of the new model is the latest air bowl technology. Working with designers and analyzing air flows, it was decided to simulate the tornado effect inside the hood. To do this, it was necessary to create a smooth recess to the motor, artificially capturing air from the surface and directing it to the center. Since the model has two motors, accordingly, two air cups leading to the motor were designed.