The SheMax company is a leading manufacturer in Ukraine for the production of certified electrical goods for beauty salons and private masters. Using its own equipment, the company produces a wide range of products aimed at maintaining and preserving the health of beauty masters.

In 2020, the phrase “SheMax - Made in Ukraine” became the strategy of the advertising campaign.

The founders of the company, Sergey Shelest and Tatiana Skornyakova, say:

“We want to show the whole world all the beauty of Ukraine through the products we produce. Electrical equipment, which is born in our production in the city of Dnipro, goes through many stages of approval, testing and quality control at each stage of assembly. It is very important for us to open new sales markets in new countries and show that Ukraine is able to make unique and high-quality goods ”.

SheMax - Made differently!

A completely new look in development, on a whole new level!