In Ukraine, SheMax produces bactericidal air recirculators.

SheMax - produces cool recirculators, that's a fact!

Recirculators are in great demand and are relevant during the period of colds. Autumn-spring, recirculator ideally disinfects the air. The SheMax recirculator is used in beauty salons, homes, educational institutions, hotels. Wherever there are crowds of people.

Developed using modern Max Time PRO technology.

Feature of SheMax recirculator:

1.ozone-free ultraviolet lamp

2.18000 hours of continuous work

3.does not emit ozone

4.can be indoors when the recirculator is on, it is safe

5. Modern design. It looks like an expensive accessory, very beautiful.

- The 15 W UV lamp is designed for a room up to 90 cubic meters / m, which is about 30 sq. M.

- A 25 W UV lamp is designed for a room up to 180 cubic meters / m., This is about 70 square meters

We recommend daily disinfection of the room with a recirculator ™ SheMax

✔️ 1 year warranty

✔️Lamp lifespan 18000 hours

✔️Metal body

✔️UV-C radiation source: ozone-free germicidal lamp

✔️Available in two types, for an area up to 30 sq / m and up to 70 sq / m