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    3.10 кг
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    66.00 x 12.00 x 12.00 см

Bactericidal air recirculator Shemax R-25 is designed for disinfecting indoor air.

The issue of safe air is always relevant, especially during the seasonal spread of respiratory and viral diseases. If you are the owner of a beauty salon, then you will undoubtedly need this recirculator, which will allow you to take care of the safe air inside your establishment, as well as the health of your staff and visitors. Analyzing the feedback of our customers who have already installed a recirculator, the number of sick employees has decreased several times.

The principle of operation of the recirculator:

Inside the case there is a safe ozone-free lamp, which performs the main function - air disinfection. Thanks to the presence of a silent motor, air passes through the recirculator and helps to process a larger volume of air in the room. Thus, all microbes and bacteria contained in the air die from the radiation of the lamp, disinfecting the room in which the recirculator is installed.

Safety of use:

The recirculator can work in the presence of people, animals and plants. How is this possible? SheMax uses technology from the PHILIPS trademark - an ozone-free lamp. The principle of operation is the use of uviole glass, which prevents the formation of ozone. It is ozone (active oxygen) in high concentration that causes harm to humans. Therefore, it is worth paying great attention to the composition of the lamp and understand which lamp is inside the bactericidal recirculator. Having studied all types of existing lamps in the world, SheMax opted for the PHILIPS bactericidal lamp, which is safe for people, has proven itself well over the years and has been working 3-4 times longer than other lamps. It is also worth noting that bactericidal lamps are mercury lamps, the amount of mercury also depends on the type of lamps. (in ozone-free lamps several times less mercury than in ozone). It is the ozone-free lamps that I use in all European countries, as they are considered the safest among bactericidal lamps.

The main advantage:

MaxTime PRO is a technology that allows you to safely disinfect a room for 18,000 hours of continuous operation.

If your working day is 9 hours a day, and you work all month, seven days a week, the life of the bactericidal lamp is 5-6 years.

If your working day is 12 hours a day, and you work all month, seven days a week, the life of the bactericidal lamp is 4-5 years.

Installation Requirements:

Before installation, carefully select the place where the recirculator will be located: the distance from the floor should not be lower than 2.2-2.5 m, the recirculator should be placed only in a horizontal position. The light of the lamp through the side grilles and logo should not fall on people, animals and plants. It is best to avoid installing in the corners of a room where dead spots may form for air recirculation. The duration of disinfection depends on the volume of your room and the number of people in the room. We recommend that you consider your room size when choosing a bactericidal recirculator. The recirculator can operate continuously. It is not necessary to ventilate the room. The recirculator is completely safe to work indoors and is not harmful to humans. For completely safe operation of the recirculator, the installation rules must be observed.

Technical specifications:

  • Type of exposure - closed type
  • UV radiation source - ozone-free lamp
  • Room Squared, 90 m³
  • Air throughput, 100 m³ / h
  • The number of bactericidal lamps - 1 pc.
  • UV wavelength 253.7 nm
  • Ozone-free lamp power - 15 W
  • Recirculator power - 15 W
  • Power Consumption - 30 W
  • Lamp life - 18000 h
  • Weight - 3.1 kg
  • Size - 66x12x12cm

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