Forget about allergies, balloons or nasal drops, mucous membrane irritation and constant sneezing. The SheMax-Lash toxic vapor collector prevents the evaporation of glue, purifies the air and prevents the occurrence of chronic allergies from frequent contact with aggressive odors during evaporation. Your health is the key to a successful career!

The first collector of toxic fumes for eyelash extension masters and acrylic manicure masters under the name “SheMax-Lash”.

The “Shemax Company” factory has been developing a new direction for a year already, conducted a survey among beauty masters and found out that every third master working in this area suffers from allergies. When extending eyelashes, the master inhales the fumes from the glue and, with frequent and prolonged work, allergies develop. Previously, the eyelash master found a way out and bought special drops in the nose, even balls in the nose were invented to protect themselves from odor and nasal disease.

How SheMax Lash works:

The manifold should be installed as close as possible to a product with a strong odor. We recommend installing glue and acrylic on a metal cover at the very top of the collector. After turning on the device, the effect is heard instantly. The manifold first catches air through the top of the housing, then the air flow evenly passes through a special filter with carbon filling in the form of honeycombs, where it is absorbed and eliminates harmful toxic fumes.


The main advantage is the high quality, personal design adsorption filter. The filter is based on carbon, which is an excellent sorbent in the fight against fumes. The arrangement of coal in the filter is in the form of a honeycomb. This sophisticated design was specially selected so that the air passes the sedum evenly through each individual honeycomb. Activated carbon is the basis of the filter and is crushed inside the honeycomb. This ensures that it is always evenly distributed inside and ensures uniform cleaning.


SheMax - Choose the best for yourself!

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