SheMax Company rebranding

The rapid development of the SheMax Company made it necessary to reconsider the answer to the question - who are we?

The purple change was the most exciting moment. Back in 2017, we started by developing hoods for manicure masters.

The purple logo and a brushstroke at the end of the word SheMax - symbolized the brush applying the gel polish. But two years later, we have grown and SheMax, this is not only hoods, it is a large plant in Ukraine with large-sized machines, on which we produce:

  • Dust collector for nail masters
  • Dust Collector for masters lashmaker
  • Bactericidal air recirculator
  • Manicure Table Hand Rest

At the strategic session for executives and top managers, it was decided to create a new visual identity.

The new logo is based on a triangle, which symbolizes the three pillars of our factory: quality, design and innovation.

The triangle symbolizes straight sides, none of them can be less or more. So is our approach to quality, design and innovation.

Now we have become a factory for the production of electrical goods for beauty salons, aimed at maintaining the health and safety of beauty masters.

"SheMax - Excellence in the details"