The international company SheMax sincerely wishes its beloved partners a Happy New Year 2021!

We wish you the growth of your company, let your creativity make the world wonderful, and the beauty masters healthy and happy. We wish you good health and joy in your family. Family is sacred! Set goals for yourself, persist in achieving them, be strong!

The year 2020 was successful despite the global situation. It was scary, but united, we did the impossible. For our company, this is massive growth!

Thanks to your cooperation and faith in our company SheMax, we have achieved the following results:

1. We connected stores in Italy, France, Poland, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Romania, Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Spain 

2. Increased power three times. We have acquired new large-sized machines with which we can quickly produce products and export around the world

3. Established export. We have our own brokers, we advise new stores on customs issues, we have proven logistics companies from Ukraine to any country

4. We re-branded SheMax, changed packaging and promotional materials

5. Released two models of built-in vacuum cleaners. The latest models have won the love of customers instantly. Incredibly beautiful, designer, powerful, lightweight and quiet vacuum cleaners have conquered the world! Now we are developing a new model range, and present it in the first half of the year

We love you, we believe in you!

With love "SheMax Company"


Shelest Sergey

Skoryankova Tatiana