What to give for the new year, birthday to mom, dad, brother, friend, godfather, grandmother, grandfather, children. A Christmas present should not only be beautiful, but also useful. Present for Christmas and New Year a bactericidal air recirculator.

The SheMax plant in Ukraine produces professional bactericidal air recirculators and exports wholesale to the world. They are designed to disinfect the air from microbes and viruses during the fall-spring period of colds.

Developed using modern technology Max Time PRO - 18 thousand hours of continuous lamp operation, ozone-free, quiet!

It is used in beauty salons, homes, educational institutions, hotels. Wherever there are crowds of people.

With such a lamp, you will reduce the incidence of illness and provide yourself and your customers with complete protection.

The advantages of TM SheMax_ua recirculators are the operating time of the lamp itself, namely, 18000 hours of continuous operation.

Also, you can disinfect the air in the presence of people, animals and plants, as the lamp is ozone-free.

The ultra violet lamp is housed in a closed metal case with a motor on one side. When the motor rotates at an angle of 90 *, air is sucked into the recirculator, slides under pressure along the lamp, renders harmless under the influence of ultraviolet rays and comes out already cleaned from the other side where the grate stands.

Motor 15 W, designed to drive through itself 100 cubic meters of air in 1 hour. Therefore, it is easy to calculate how much the recirculator will detoxify the air in your room.

To calculate how many cubic meters you have, you need to multiply the total area of ​​the room by the height of the ceiling:

(e.g. 30 square meters room, multiply by 2.5 meters ceiling height = 75 cubic meters your room)

-Ultraviolet lamp 15 W is designed for a room up to 90 cubic meters / m, this is about 30 square meters.

-Ultraviolet lamp 25 W is designed for a room up to 180 cubic meters / m, this is about 70 square meters

It is very important, while serving clients in beauty salons, constantly decontaminate the room with the SheMax ™ recirculator.

✔️ 1 year warranty

✔️Lamp lifespan 18000 hours

✔️Metal body

✔️Source of UV-C radiation: ozone-free germicidal lamp

✔️Available in two types, up to 30 sq / m and up to 70 sq / m


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