SheMax - professional hoods for manicure

SheMax is a production in Ukraine that produces electric equipment for manicure masters in beauty salons and exports from Ukraine to Europe, Canada, USA and Israel. All products have their own patents and official trademark in Ukraine and Europe.

SheMax Global conducted the first official scientific research of the nail dust at the National University named after Olesya Gonchar in Dnipro in Ukraine, and proved that particles of dust and aggressive steam are harmful both for professionals and clients. Working without SheMax is very dangerous for health.

SheMax product range:

  • SheMax Style PRO  - professional manicure dust collector
  • SheMax LUXURY  - manicure stand for hands
  • At manicure cutters
  • The SheMax Lash is a steam collector
  • The bactericidal air recirculation
  • Replacement filters and accessories

SheMax is interested in brand development worldwide and invites dealers and wholesale buyers to cooperate. We offer profitable partnership at special prices.

Advantages of SheMax:

  • Strong reliable product, own production
  • Good logistics worldwide
  • We guarantee for goods
  • Our daily delivery
  • We have tested all-European payment systems
  • CE conformity certificate
  • The certificate of production of ISO

Become a distributor in your country, join the leaders! SheMax - Perfection in details