SheMax - professional hoods for manicure

SheMax Company is an international company dealing with the development and manufacturing electrical equipment for beauty salons. It was founded on May 1, 2018 in Ukraine in the city of Dnipro. It is a family business, headed by Sergey Shelest and Tatiana Skorniakova. The company name itself has its own unique history - the first three letters of SHE are the beginning of Sergey Shelest’s sirname, the last three letters of MAX are the first three letters of Tatiana’s company MaxWoman .

Having become a family, Sergey and Tatiana teamed up and founded the joint company SheMax, which has already become international. First of all, they determined the company values, thought out the concept and set the tasks - a high quality product aimed at ensuring the safety of beauty salon masters’ work, the ambition to become the No.1 brand in the world, the search for reliable partners around the world and entering the European and American markets.

In a year and a half the company expanded its size from a small 35 square meter workshop to the area of 1000 square meters. It has purchased large-sized professional machinery, has made the its own warehouses and finally has entered the European and American markets. Today, SheMax has reliable partners in 10 countries. The company has managed to take a market leader position and become the best manufacturer of electrical equipment for beauty salons in Ukraine.

All of the ideas implemented in SheMax belong to Sergey Shelest, the founder of the company. Sergey Shelest always strives for uniqueness, he creates new products and offers the market the best - he sets the trends, which we are all proud of. Two powerful leaders, husband and wife, Sergey and Tatiana, united and made the impossible. Sergey is engaged in development and all the production processes, Tatiana deals with marketing and export issues around the world. Today, SheMax vacuum cleaners are presented in Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Great Britain, and Portugal. The company aims to export to all over the world. The SheMax company invites you for cooperation.

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